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Debt Collection Services

Blitz Credit Management offers a range of options for debt collection, including commission-based recovery and a membership-based service. For your convenience, we provide a complete pricing structure for our debt collection services near the end of this page.

Benefits to your business

  • Improves your cash flow - your money comes in quicker
  • Saves you time – we handle everything including locating your debtors, collecting payment and even litigation, if necessary
  • Improves your collection rate - we have the tools and resources to collect your debts quickly
  • Protects your business brand - our Account Managers work with your business to ensure that we uphold your brand
  • Sends a clear message to your customers that late payments will not be tolerated - appointing a debt collection specialist is sometimes all that is required to prompt your bad debtors to pay up
  • Saves you money - our cost effective membership option provides free demand letters
  • Recovers debts quickly - demand letters are sent out the same day as we receive instructions
  • Reduces expenses on debt collection - we work on a commission basis; if we don't collect your debt you don't pay us

Are you ready to lodge a debt with us? We can get started right away.

Our debt collection options


We offer ‘no collect, no fee’ commission-based debt collection. When we collect outstanding debts you simply pay a commission based on the amount of the debt. You may even be able to charge our fees to your debtor if your terms and conditions provide for this.

Once a debt is lodged with us, we handle everything including:

  • Contacting your debtors
  • Collecting payment
  • Enforcing a payment arrangement

Our process starts with sending a demand letter on our letterhead requesting payment. The letters we send accurately and objectively explain the consequences of non-payment, which can include legal proceedings.

We follow up the initial letters by making contact with your debtor. Your Account Manager negotiates arrangements for repayment of a debt within the scope of your instructions. We can put a settlement proposal or alternative payment arrangement to the debtor. Our collectors review existing arrangements daily to ensure compliance. We also contact any customers who default on arrangements to ensure prompt payment.

Our collectors have advanced tools to track down debtors who are missing or unreachable. We conduct searches and investigations to locate them and identify their assets. In some circumstances we will use our network of agents to visit the debtor at their home or business to seek an arrangement to pay. In the event a debtor still does not pay, we will recommend other options to you including legal action if appropriate.

If a commission based arrangement makes sense for your business, you can lodge a debt with us and we'll help you recover the money owed to you.

Membership option

Our membership option is the most cost-effective way for you to recover your debts. The membership allows you to list debts with us to receive a 7-day demand notice. Once a debt is lodged, we will send your debtor a letter on the same day requesting immediate payment. If your customer makes the payment in the initial 7-day period, you don’t pay us any commission. After the 7 days, we will contact you to seek further instructions. You can choose to pursue the debt under our standard commission structure or close the file.

Membership entitles you to:

  • 20 free demand letters per month (additional letters are $11 per letter including GST)
  • Free review of your credit application and terms and conditions

Our membership is $440 (including GST) and is billed annually in advance.

Sign up for our membership to begin receiving help with your debt collection.


Our pricing policy is totally transparent so you know exactly what to expect when you conduct business with Blitz Credit Management.

Commission-based collections

  • No collect – no fee
  • No annual subscription or sign up fees
  • Access to online system to load and review debts
  • 10% - 22% commission charged on the amount of each debt calculated on what we recover
Value of debt Commission rate excluding GST
0 - $2,500 22%
$2,501 – $10,000 18%
$10,001 - $25,000 15%
$25,001+ 10%
  • For residential or commercial tenancy debts, there is a one time charge of $200 per account (plus GST), covering costs of skip tracing, demands and tenancy searches. This fee applies to residential or commercial tenancy recoveries only.

Membership (optional)

  • 7 Day demand letters (no fee for recovery within the 7 days – 20 max per month)
  • additional letters are $11.00 each inc GST
  • Commission scale after 7 days if you decide to proceed
  • Free review of your credit application and terms
Subscription (optional)
Annual $440.00 inc GST

Additional services (optional)

Service Price (inc GST)
Internal search free
External skip trace $180.00
Field calls $150.00
ASIC company search $35.00
Individual Public Record Report $35.00
Corporation Mercantile Enquiry $45.00
Residential tenancy debt $220 one time
Commercial tenancy debt $220 one time
Legal action Quoted

Please contact us for more information or a quote on your needs.

Legal services

We try to avoid legal action to recover your debts unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, there are some instances where legal action is the only method to get your debtors to pay. If the debtor still refuses to pay after we have exhausted all channels of negotiation, we will discuss the legal options and costs with you before we take action. This could include commencing legal proceedings or issuing a statutory demand against a corporation.

Blitz Credit Management maintains contact with you throughout the whole recovery and litigation process ensuring you continue to receive professional and seamless service.

Online debt management system

When you engage Blitz Credit Management, you get access to a powerful and comprehensive online debt management system.

Our debt management system allows you to:

  • Load matters for collection
  • Track the progress, payments and costs associated with each matter
  • View all notes, telephone calls and correspondence with the debtor
  • Communicate directly with your dedicated Account Manager
  • Generate customised reports of receivables, collection times, and cash received

Contact us today for a demonstration of our system or to sign up.